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Designs are delivered via email only ~ Likely you will receive your designs within only a few hours of payment received (barring any unforseen electronic issues via the internet) ~ but shop with confidence!  Our host is one of the most reliable in the world!
Most importantly, you WILL receive your designs.

Although, for a number of reasons, we do reserve the right to extend shipping time within up to a 48 hour time frame ~ though if you have not received your purchased designs within 48 hours of payment, please contact us at:


Before contacting us though, please do be sure that you are providing an email that is working & can accept email attachments.  Also, please check your junk mail folder or spam folder and even your mail rules . . . sometimes these folders and/or settings will catch things we don't want them to.

Regarding Copyright:

 You may use our designs for personal use, for gifts AND for small scale sales (50 or less).

In regards to sales where 50 or more will be created for sale in any instance (even in the case of non-profit) please contact use first at:


Before proceeding ~  Non-profits do not need to pay any extra licensing fees (We simply want to know about larger sales in that instance).  Mass production sales though, are another situation entirely and will be decided on a "per application" process, depending on the business entity involved, etc.

You may not share, trade or re-sell our designs, in part OR in whole, whether they are for sale by us ("Us" being Charlotte & Charles Gilmour of "The Enchanted Cottage") or a representing retailer or even if they are a freebie/sample.  Those who transgress in this area will find that we are able and willing to pursue the matter legally. If you want to let others know about our freebies/samples or designs for sale, please direct them to our site as much as you wish to. 

Please, please abide by copyright ~ We love this hobby, but honestly we are trying to help support our family and pay a few bills with it too (LOL ~ at the very least we need to pay for our machines).

In the interest of "keeping it real" ~ you may:

Change the colors and Yes, you may change the size . . . but please note that we do not guarantee the results if you change the size or density of ANY design we offer for free or for sale.

After much thought and consideration over the last several years, watching the dilemmas that unfold when a machine embroiderer passes away, and subsequently has a family member or friend that would benefit or enjoy giving a new home to their emrbroidery goods, we have decided to add this additional clause regarding transfer upon death:

Our designs are non-transferable except in the event of death of the original purchaser . . . in which case you are welcome to transfer ownership to one individual (friend or family) that takes possession of your embroidery machine and/or goods for the purpose of embroidering on their own behalf (NOT for reselling) please understand though,
that this clause ONLY applies to designs from
"The Enchanted Cottage" by Charlotte & Charles Gilmour
As it is up to the purchaser to insure that they are able to transfer their other embroidery goods to a beneficiary.

We do this in the spirit of keeping things as simple as possible, but also in the interest of keeping things in a "caring manner", we are sure this will make sense to many of you and hope that it can serve as an example to others.

 This is a big industry, but it's not so big that we can't "have a heart" ~ and quite frankly, we're tired of some of the silly restrictions we see regarding embroidery designs and some machines, after all, almost anything else we purchase can be passed on to another if we wish to, why not our embroidery goods? 
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Copyright & Delivery
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