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"Sir Lancelot"
This design is in memory of our orange tabby Sir Lancelot who crossed the rainbow bridge in the Summer of 2006 ~ He is sorely missed . . .
This Olde Worlde Celtic set includes all six designs seen below; the set is available in sizes to accomodate the 4X4 and 5X7  hoop (please note that "Morveren the Mermaid" will soon be available from the upcoming Singles page, by herself, for the 6X10 hoop)
"Tree of Life"
"Berries Anyone?"
. . . meaning "seahorse", the Hippcampus stems from Greek mythology
. . . mermaid of Zennor, sweetheart of Mathew & daughter of King Llyr
. . . God created  man in his own image, in the image of God he created him . . .
. . . and while Adam slept, God took one of Adam's ribs and created woman . . .
. . . In Jewish & Christian mythos, a tree stands at the center of both the Heaven & earthly Edens ~ the Tree of Life is found in many mythos, dwelling in  the sky, on earth & the underworld . . .
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~Celtic/Olde Worlde~
(Complete ~ 4X4 & 5X7)
Price $30
~Celtic/Olde Worlde~
Price $20
~Celtic/Olde Worlde~
Price $20
4X4/3.65"X3.15"  ~ 5X7/4.95"X4.28"
4X4/3.39"X3.11" ~ 5X7/4.93"X4.52"
4X4/3.02"X3.85" ~ 5X7/4.95"X6.31"
4X4/3.87"X3.42" ~ 5X7/4.96"X4.90"
4X4/3.43"X3.42" ~ 5X7/4.96"X4.95"
4X4/1.38"X3.78" ~ 5X7/2.53"X6.92"
~Peanut Headz~
~Fantasy Toonz~
Copyright 2006-2009
The Enchanted Cottage
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(All designs are tested thoroughly before release)