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     Hello & welcome to you. My name is Charlotte Gilmour ~ I own two machine embroidery related sites, "The Enchanted Cottage" &  "DigiFavs".  The Enchanted Cottage (where you're at now) is my own machine embroidery site & DigiFavs is a site dedicated to promoting not only my embroidery site, but also other embroidery related vendors.  I first got involved in machine embroidery around 2002.  I never thought I would be fortunate enough to own an embroidery machine ~ in fact I vividly remember looking at one of the first (can't remember what make/model) years earlier, when I was a much younger mum, watching the demonstration, balancing my firstborn (now 22) on my right hip and just *knowing* I would never own one.  "Someday", I thought.

       "Someday" arrived years later ~ My husband found out I wanted one & thought I should finally have one . . . my first machine was a Simplicity SE3 ~ and what a neat little workhorse that machine was (and still is actually). 

     I knew right away, that I wanted to do something with this new & fabulous hobby.  It wasn't long before I was fiddling with embroidery digitizing software (Embird) and it's available plugins. 

     After that, I knew I had outgrown the 4X4 inch embroidery field of the little Simplicity & moved on to a Singer Quantum XL6000 ~ this machine is a thing of beauty for the home embroiderer, with it's endless bobbin feature, one almost wants to make some popcorn & sit back to watch the show, LOL.

     But hubby was about to enter upon the embroidery scene!   He ended up getting involved in a bit of a roundabout way . . . you see, we belong to a group called the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms) which is basically a group of hobbiests who are interested in re-creating the middle ages ~ it seemed . . . dearest husband needed new "garb" (this is our terminology for the clothing we wear to events) but I always have so many "irons in the fire" . . . and with a large family (there are six of us) I kindly told dear husband that he would have to help if he wanted this new garb, well he did . . . and was so intrigued by the ease of sewing and the embroidery with the Singer Quantum XL6000 that he decided he might just like to get involved too . . .

     . . . so here we have dear husband (Chuck) who says how neat it would be to have his other hobby (photography) spill into his embroidery & if he could just learn to digitize, he could not only sell his photographs but ALSO stitched renditions of said photographs (no doubt as he learns, you will see those for sale here in future) .

     . . . Chuck speculated then . . . hmmm . . . should he get another XL6000? . . . and I, in my *vast* wisdom (does it sound like I'm being a smarty pants?  well, you guessed right =) say to Chuck . . . "No dear, we already have the XL6000 . . . why don't you do some research & get a machine that compliments the XL6000?" (LOL ~ in other words, a machine that has features we'd like to have, that the XL6000 didn't have).

     It wasn't long and Chuck had found *his* machine . . . the Janome MC11000 . . . and soon, like most of the rest of our fellow embroiderers, we were in yet more debt . . . and what a fabulous machine it is!  Even if the bill isn't =)

     But . . . that's okay, because it gave me the kick in the pants I needed to finally get this site going, which has been on my mind for quite some time.

     . . . that said, I hope we've not bored you too much with our little embroidery love story  . . . I hope you enjoy our site & we hope to serve you for many years to come . . . and when you've a mind, feel free to "break out your ink, quill & parchment" and drop us a line or two . . .
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